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What inspired me to start Jasmyne

Back in 2012, after a diagnosis of seborrheic dermatitis (red, inflamed, itchy and scaly skin) on my face and an acute build up of dead skin cells around my nostrils, which at times looked like someone had burnt it with a cigarette, I decided to take action and cure myself.

After undertaking a great deal of research, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that many harmful ingredients are included in skin care products. I felt there had to be a better way of helping my skin to heal using gentle and nourishing ingredients.

I spent a long time reading books and researching on the internet and came to realise that there are fantastic ingredients available to make products that do not harm the skin and ultimately ourselves. Taking that leap forward, I decided to make something – a cleanser and a toner. This started off as a simple recipe and over time, I added ingredients to improve it.

After about six weeks, the effect on my skin was noticeable – less red and starting to look healthy. The rest as they say is history…..

As my confidence grew, I decided to attend a course in London. However, this did not teach me what I wanted to know – what percentages of ingredients to use in a recipe, how to make a perfectly balanced cream and keep it stable and more.

This has meant reading, reading and reading. Then buying in ingredients and blending them to make a product. Everything I have learnt, I have taught myself! Sometimes, a few of my products have taken a year to arrive!

With all the products I make and use now, friends tell me my skin looks better than it did 12 years, which is saying something!

All my products are certified and comply with EU legislation.

I am also proud that my products are not tested on animals.

I keep my packaging simple and have recently made the decision to move away from using plastic and aluminium jars – a step towards helping the environment.  Did you know that glass can be recycled 20 times?  We all need to help the environment as much as we can.

About me

Ultimately, there is so much more to me than making products

For over 10 years, I have practised meditation, learnt Reiki for myself and obtained a distinction in Holistic Healing Professional Practitioner (S.A.C. Dip).

I passionately believe in the holistic health of an individual – and whether or not we are balanced in the body, mind and soul.

The skin is the first part of the body to reflect how we are feeling internally. We may help it from the outside – which is one step. Sooner or later, we  realise that we need to help it from the inside too. This may come in the form of exercise, eating healthily and having (if any) some form of spiritual practice and watching what the mind thinks.

As an extremely intuitive individual, I resonate with energy on a high level.  When I first began making products for myself, I never realised how much my energy influenced how they turned out.

Before I begin, my mind has to be calm and positive to allow all the energies that exist outside and within my body to work harmoniously together and in doing so, flow into the products I make. Often I have beautiful music playing while making products – it all helps!

I attend many craft markets and events throughout the year – you can find out where I will be.

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